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“National service programs like AmeriCorps provide young people with valuable skills, job opportunities, and a chance to make their communities a better place to live,” said Senator Stabenow. “I thank James Mackler for his service to our nation and his ongoing commitment to give the next generation of leaders an opportunity to serve our nation.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Believe in Service,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown. “James Mackler is a friend and inspiration — a combat veteran who risked his life for this nation and dedicated his career to the public good. Service unifies us as Americans, and reminds us of the power we carry when we work together. Protecting and expanding national service programs is vital to our country’s future, and I am proud to stand for them in the Senate.”

“I am grateful to earn Believe in Service’s endorsement and am thankful for their commitment to strengthening community service programs,” said Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. “I’m running for the United States Senate because I owe a large debt to my country. I got my shot and now I want to help others get theirs. I look forward to working with Believe in Service to ensure all Arizonans can achieve the American dream.”

James Mackler, the Nashville attorney and former Iraq war veteran who bowed out of the U.S. Senate race in deference to Bredesen, later created a political action committee, Believe in Service, which has now contributed $2,700 to Bredesen and seven other Democratic U.S. Senate incumbents and candidates running this year. Mackler said in a news […]

“I appreciate James Mackler’s commitment to lifting up the importance of national and community service programs like AmeriCorps, and I’m grateful for Believe in Service’s endorsement,” said Rep. Jacky Rosen. “I’m running for U.S. Senate because I want to serve Nevadans and make a difference for my state, and I believe it’s time to elect new leaders who put public service on behalf of their constituents ahead of self-serving partisan games.”

“Montana wouldn’t be the Last Best Place without our public servants and AmeriCorps volunteers who spend their lives fighting to protect our way of life,” said Sen. Jon Tester. “I’m proud to have received the endorsement of Believe in Service, and I will continue to make these vital programs a priority…”