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Exhibiting moral flexibility for political expediency should disqualify any Supreme Court nominee. Kavanaugh’s false claim that he first learned about his White House’s stance regarding torture by reading it in the newspaper helped him gain his first lifetime appointment to the Federal bench. That lie should not be rewarded with a second one and a seat on our highest court.

70 years ago, President Harry Truman signed an executive order integrating our Army “without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.” Today, we are not living up to President Truman’s example. The Associated Press reported the Army is “quietly discharging immigrant recruits.”

“Montana wouldn’t be the Last Best Place without our public servants and AmeriCorps volunteers who spend their lives fighting to protect our way of life,” said Sen. Jon Tester. “I’m proud to have received the endorsement of Believe in Service, and I will continue to make these vital programs a priority…”